Welcome to Maur Designs. We offer excellent quality Project bags, Totes, and accessories.

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My name is Maureen and my shop name is the first part of it. I have been sewing and crafting all my life, and can't imagine a day without it. I am a Mom to 4 grown kiddos, wife to a wonderful tolerant man, and animal lover. Recently retired now, you can usually find me either in my sewing craft room, or sitting in my chair knitting or crocheting away. If you'd like to follow my crafty life, you can find me on my You Tube channel called "Simplymaurcrafts".

Maybe you would like to see a special purse or tote in another fabric? Feel free to contact me with a custom request. I may not be able to provide you with what your looking for, but I will be honest and tell you if I can or cannot, along with a timeframe you can expect.